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Registration Details

All freshers and returning students are advised to click registration procedure for 2009/2010 academic session registration details


This column is a vital part of the schools portal system. Here, intending students (Undergraduates, Postgraduate, Master of Technology, Master of Business Administration), crosschecks guidelines about admissions.
Also, It is an online Addmission process for all students. All admissions related procedures are effectively handled in this column.

Students Information

This section provides the opportunity for students to gain access to the following services:

Students must have purchased the General Access Card which will grant them access to the all the aforementioned services.


Every payment ranging from Registration, Tuition, Examination, Accommodation, Result Verification fees, to Games, Hand book, Internent, Medical, I.D Card, Acceptance fees would be via the campus portal.

You can also print Notification of Payment here


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