FUTA Overview


The outgoing Vice Chancellor, Professor Joseph Adeola Fuwape has been described as an astute manager of human and financial resources which has further taken the university to higher heights. Accolades came from Deans, Directors and the team that served with him as Principal Officers between May 23rd 2017 and May 22nd 2022.
Fuwape was described also as a good finisher of projects whether inherited or initiated. He also displayed maturity by coming to the level of everyone (staff, students and other stakeholders).
Fuwape was also described as a thorough person who treated memos with speed required and gave adequate attention to such within the limit of available resources. According to those who spoke at the occasion, he lived to his name, Joseph, by turning scarcity to plenty. He set priorities with maturity. He was god fearing with a large heart which culminated into peace experienced during his tenure. He inherited a collapsing system and resuscitated it. He added values by increasing the number of Schools, splitting some, establishing new ones and reviving others.
Fuwape is also described as the Father of Quality Assurance and named Ambassador for the University Advancement Centre. They said Fuwape deserved commendation for ensuring that peace reign during his tenure through the help of God and the Vice Chancellor’s even handedness. He understood the system excellently and that brought successes.
Congratulating him further for a successful tenure, the Registrar, Mr. Richard Arifalo said "you walked the tight rope and you didn't fall. The VC always respected university regulations which helped his tenure." He appreciated him for approving a review of the career structure for non-teaching staff which ended era of stagnation on the job. He also appreciated his temper and calmness in handling issues that came to him.
The Bursar, Mr. Julius Adeshoba described him as thorough, prudent, highly intelligent, straight forward and a child of God. He understood the regulations guiding accounting and expenses
The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic, Professor Deji Ogunsemi said "Fuwape is a man ordained by God. He surrenders and committed everything to God in prayers. He is a man of integrity and that propelled me into taking official decisions. He had confidence in me to represent him anywhere.
His wife and Vice Chancellor, Michael and Cecilia Ibru University, Delta , Professor Ibiyinka Fuwape, thanked God for making things well. She said Professor Fuwape contested for VCship three times before making it in 2017. She said "he is my knowledge encyclopedia. I was always contacting him when I was Dean, School of Sciences while he was VC, Salem University, Lokoja." She described him as been always supportive in all areas of life. We called each other every day while away. All you have said here I appreciate. I thank God for the opportunity to have him as my husband. It could only have been God these five years. She said "I have learnt a lot today. I thank you all for accepting my husband's strengths and weaknesses, but I can boldly say that his strengths outweigh his weaknesses. FUTA has a good name outside, so I plead with all of us to drop all rancour and work together to achieve more successes." She added that the position of VC is a position of service and call on all to support the incoming VC.
Responding, the Vice Chancellor said "I want to appreciate you all for this. We thank God for the opportunity to serve. My attempt in 2017 was by divine instruction. God gave the directive and the permission. I thank God sincerely that at every stage His presence was with me. When God is with you all will be possible. I thank all of you for praying in your closest for me. I appreciate all of you. The grace of God sustained me and my team. We have worked under stress these five years but we thank God for helping us. We have to manage the resources to achieve our goals. We made progress by God's grace. We synergized all through. Let's break the barriers and come together as one for further attainments. I urge you all not to rest on your oars because we have the potentials in our staff and students.”
The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Development, Professor Philip Oguntunde appreciated those who graced the occasion . He thanked God for all present for making the tenure of VC smooth. He encouraged all to continue to put in their best, even towards the success of the incoming Vice Chancellor.