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Participants at FUTA Engineering Conference Identify Research Funding as Path to Innovation and Economic Growth

An Expert in innovation Technology and occupational safety has stated that funding of Research will drive Economic growth and Development in Nigeria. The Rector, Ibadan Polytechnic, Professor Kazeem Adebiyi, stated this while delivering the keynote address at 6th Annual Conference of the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology, Federal University of Technology, Akure, FUTA with the theme: Engineering Technology and Scientific Innovations for National Economic Growth and Development at the opening of the 3-day program held from 7th to 9th November, 2023.

Professor Adebiyi said the pursuit of Technology has always been natural to human beings and nations, whether small or big, more developed or less developed, whether it’s for survival or defense, or development, saying it naturally accelerates the standard of living of any nation whether in Agriculture or infrastructural development.

Professor Adebiyi said the effects of funding Research and Technological Innovations on sustainable economic growth and development include, increased production of goods and services, improved Agricultural activities, stable and standardized Health care system, improved Infrastructure, clean sustainable energy Affordable and quality education.

He however said to achieve all these, a sustainable Technological innovation and Engineering culture must be imbibed with a common attitude and behaviors that characterize an Engineering Organization on how Engineers cooperate, work together and innovate. He itemized the advantages of this culture as problem solving and infrastructural Development, enhancement of Human Capital, increase in productivity, Educational and skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Starts up development and most of all promotion of innovations.

He advised that in a world increasingly shaped by technological and scientific progress, Nigeria too must imbibe the Engineering culture that serves as a solid foundation for a meaningful National Economic Growth and Development.

In an address earlier delivered by the Vice Chancellor, Professor, Adenike Oladiji, she said the theme is not only profound but also timely as a potent instrument for reawakening research values and reevaluation of policy concepts in Engineering Technology and Scientific innovation for growth and sustainable development in the country. She said the top 5 developed countries of the United States of America, China, India, Japan and Germany are all driven by Technological research and Innovations. She commended the visionary leadership of the Dean, SEET, Professor Peter Kayode Oke and members of the organizing committee under the Chairmanship of Dr T Abioye for ensuring a successful conference.

Speaking Via a zoom on a presentation with the title “Properties and Metallurgical Aspect Due to fast solidification process in metal Additive Manufacturing”, Professor Zuhailawati Hussain of the School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, University of Malaysia, defined Additive Manufacturing as a technique where structures are produced by adding and depositing materials in a layer manner. She described the properties of Metallurgical aspects metal additive manufacturing as the solidification of a small molten pool over a wide metallic bed, rapid solidification of a small molten pool over a wide metallic bed. She said additive metal manufacturing such as selective laser melting process is a high cooling rate and rapid solidification process which is used to modify and achieve unique microstructure, refinement ,solid solubility extension and formation metastable phases which can be in microstructural modifications to improve properties.

In another presentation delivered by a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, FUTA, Chinwuba Arum, he said innovations in Engineering, Technology and Science are a potent tool for the growth and development of our national economic Development.

He also said research has established that using pozolans to partially replace cement in concrete can improve the hardened properties of concrete and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere when compared with use of 100% cement as binder in concrete. He opined that incorporating of appropriate nanomaterials into concrete will yield concrete with better strength and durability properties than traditional concrete.

Professor Oke in his address expressed appreciation to partners and collaborators, Engineering Materials Development Institution (EMDI), University of Malaysia and University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Professor Oke noted that in recent years Nigerians have yearned increasingly for faster rate in the growth and development of the nation, he said it is as a result of these concerns that informed and necessitated the theme for this year’s conference. He thanked the management for its unwavering support at making sure the conference was a success.

Welcoming guests earlier the LOC Chairman and an associate Professor of Industrial Engineering Dr Taiwo Abioye said this year’s edition was multidisciplinary with an international focus. He said 138 esteemed scholars from tertiary institutions, research institutes and Engineering Industries both within and outside Nigeria participated in the 2023 edition. He appreciated the Dean and all SEET members; he also thanked the University Management for providing the necessary support and environment for the success of the conference.