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Workshops / Seminars : Paper Writing / Publishing in High Impact factor Journals

On Wednesday, 27th August, 2020, DRP-WACS organised a seminar on the necessity, wisdom and imperative of publishing in high impact factor journals for the graduate students. The first part of the seminar was anchored by the Director, Prof. Z. Debo Adeyewa. He covered the following areas:

  • The meaning and importance of impact factor for journals
  • The impact factor of a good journal
  • How to know/find the impact factor and rank for a journal
  • The h-index as a measure of both the productivity and citation impact of the publications of a scientist or scholar
  • The H index of a journal?
  • How to find the impact factor of an author/scholar.
  • Publishing in prestigious Journals
  • The importance of mentoring for skill development and enhancement for early-career researchers.
  • Self-branding by publishing in high Impact Factor Journals


In the second part of the seminar handled by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development), Prof. Philip Oguntunde, a thorough and pragmatic examples of publishing in high impact factor journals were given. The session was loaded with motivational and success tips on diligence and methodologies of ensuring the visibility of scholars and young academics through publications in journals of repute.

The seminar was very practical and a recommendation was made that there is a need to replicate the seminar at the University level. Prior to the seminar, Dr. Babatunde Abiodun from the University of Cape Town gave the students in-depth analysis and strategies of proposal writing.