FUTA Overview






The Federal University of Technology, Akure signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), Tallahassee, Florida (USA) in February, 2013.


The primary aim of the MoU is to develop academic and research cooperative efforts between the two institutions through which staff and students will enjoy opportunities to enhance their teaching, research and learning activities.  The MoU also contains exchange programmes on short, medium and long-term basis as a means of promoting scientific and scholarly research output that will enhance FUTA’s global rating and boost graduate enrolment at FAMU.


Facts About Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), Tallahassee, Florida, USA


  • Founded in 1887 as a landgrant University dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, resolution of complex issues and the empowerment of citizens and communities.


  • The University, commonly known as FAMU embraces persons of all races, ethnic origins and nationalities as life-long members of the University community.


  • Offers 62 bachelor degrees and about 40 post graduate degrees across the University’s 13 schools and colleges.


  • Have over 100 students groups/associations to enjoy the best of campus life.


  • Total undergraduate enrolment is 11,180


  • Among the top ranked public University in the United States of America


FAMU Campus Safety and Services


  • Offers students services such as non-remedial tutoring, day care, health and insurance
  • Offers 24-hour foot and vehicle patrol of security services
  • Provides late night transport/escort services, 24-hour emergency telephones and lighted pathways/sidewalks
  • Alcohol is not permitted for students of Legal age.


Additional Information of FAMU


  • Academic programmes accredited since 1935
  • Currently has eight (8) endowed scholars
  • Annual research funding currently exceeds $54 million
  • Campus size is 420 acres with 132 buildings


Responsibilities of FUTA in the MoU


  1. FUTA will implement a pre-screening process in order to identify highly qualified and motivated as well as resourceful students to apply for this programme;


  1. FUTA will ensure that students are aware they will be held accountable to FAMU student code of conduct.  It should be clear to students that they are personally responsible for the following commitments:


  • Tuition fee
  • Visa application fee
  • Round trip airfare to U.S.
  • Medical Insurance
  • Textbook for classes
  • Personal cost throughout stay (toiletries, entertainment)
  • Food during break periods (winter and spring break)


Responsibilities of FAMU in the MoU


FAMU will identify the required academic components of the programme and ensure full time registration during the academic training.  Upon completion of the programme, FAMU will provide FUTA with FAMU transcript for the credits earned during the programme.  FAMU will provide the following to participating students:


  1. Room and board for the participating students for fall and spring semester.
  2. Agreed credit hours (30 or more) 15 is full time (maximum allowable course units per semester is 18)
  3. Lab fees for appropriate courses
  4. Student identity card, transcript, Airport pick-up on arrival, peer mentors and West African Linkage Programme Support
  5. FUTA students will pay 25% of the total tuition fees like in-state students.


The Programme : 4-1-1


FAMU will offer a two-semester programme of course work in its schools like Engineering, Agriculture, Sciences, Business, Environmental, etc, for rising senior students at FUTA.  This special academic programme, will provide highly motivated and academically inclined FUTA students with the opportunity to complete their B. Tech degree through successive participation in a two-semester programme at FAMU.


“Earn B.Tech/B.Eng degree in FUTA and Masters degree in FAMU, all in 6 years”


The programme, coded 4-1-1 will also provide qualified FUTA students with the opportunity to complete their Bachelor and Master’s degree at FUTA and FAMU, respectively.  Students from FUTA are expected to spend four years at FUTA and their 5th and 6th year at FAMU.  The 5th year will be designed to serve two purposes viz:


  1. Complete the requirements for Bachelor at FUTA ; and
  2. Serve as a bridge for the post graduate programme at FAMU


Therefore, credits from this one year will be transferred from FAMU back to FUTA to meet the graduation requirements for the award of B.Tech/B.Eng.


After the completion of the first degree, affected students could proceed for their masters degree at FAMU without the need to take additional undergraduate prerequisite courses or coming back home (Nigeria).


Eligibility for the Programme


  • Students must have completed and passed years 1 to 4 courses at FUTA
  • Students must be qualified to be enrolled in final year after necessary certification to be worthy in learning and character to receive FUTA certificates.
  • Have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.50 at the end of the fourth year without any outstanding course(s).
  • He/She must not have any outstanding courses at the end of fourth year (400 level),


It is expected that the programme will commence with the current 400 level students.  In this case; the SIWES programme of those who key into the collaboration will be rounded up by July, 2013 while arrangements would have also been perfected toward their resumption at Florida University by the last week of August, 2013.  It should be noted that academic session at Florida University usually commences at the last Saturday of August, every year and ends by April the following year.


How to apply for the 4-1-1 Programme

  • Programmes covered in this first phase of the exercise i.e. 2013/2014 admissions include:


SAAT         -        APH, CSP, FST

SEET          -        CVE, EEE, MEE, MME

SET            -        ARC, IDD

SOS           -        MTS, PHY


          (Interested students to round off their SIWES programme by July, 2013)


  • Interested students to apply in writing to their respective Heads of Departments/Deans of Schools
  • Students must have International passport
  • Obtain 2 referees report (from the University)
  • Visa application will be facilitated by the two Universities, while the students bear the cost of application


Estimated Costs Under the FAMU Arrangement




Tuition fees

$6,404.00   (25% of Tuition for foreign students)

Room (Housing)


Board (Food/meals)











Graduate Students


The MoU also covers graduate students who are currently engaged as Research or Teaching Assistants in FUTA.  Such candidates are expected to down load and fill-in Graduate admission form from internet and submit through their HODs/Deans to the University authority for necessary processing.


In addition, such candidates must include the following in their applications:


  • Academic transcript
  • Referees report (at least two)
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) result


Graduate students benefiting from this MoU will have access to opportunities for scholarships and assistance which will be provided by the host University (FAMU) through research grants and other support schemes.


For further information,please contact:


Professor Emmanuel A. Fasakin…..  DVC(A) :          07064016196

Professor Ben O. Adewuyi ………….MME Dept: 08034700715

Dr. E.O.Ogunti ……………………...EEE Dept:   08166273397