FUTA Overview

Change of Command at FUTA Man O’ War

The Man O’ War, Federal University of Technology Akure FUTA Command held its 35th Annual Passing Out Parade and Investiture of new officers on the 25th November 2023. The ceremony signifies the transition of graduating Patriots and the official transfer of responsibilities to the new leaders who will guide the organization in the coming academic session for the 2023/2024 Regime. 


In her remarks, Reviewing Officer of the parade and former Registrar of the university. Dr. Mrs. Modupe Ajayi praised the Man O War for always going over and beyond their call of duty by maintaining law and order in the university. she said there were countless times that members of the organization worked tirelessly to ensure that FUTA remains the peaceful community that is known for. She added that the organization contributes its own quota towards the stability of the academic calendar. 


Dr Ajayi commended past and present leaders for their services which include support for worthy causes within  FUTA and community outreaches outside the university and urged them not to relent in serving the university community and the nation as a whole. 


In his handing over speech the outgoing Chief Coordinator, Man O’ War, FUTA Command, 2022/2023 regime, Patriot Joshua Nweke said “Today marks the end of an incredible journey and the beginning of another greater remarkable phase. Despite facing challenges, we turned these obstacles into opportunities, strengthening our bonds within the club and the larger university community. Our legacy is not merely in the tangible acquisitions or projects completed but in the spirit of service that courses through the veins of this organization. It's the unyielding determination to uplift our community, to extend a helping hand to those in need, and to foster a culture of excellence and altruism that truly defines us”. 


He also expressed his deep respect for the Vice Chancellor, Federal University of Technology Akure, Professor Adenike Oladiji, whom he described as esteemed Grand Patron and primary supporter adding that his regime thrived under her leadership, full backing and support.  


Recounting the achievements of his regime he said “Each project undertaken, and each goal achieved stand as a testament to the collective passion and commitment of every member of Man O' War FUTA. Our accomplishments include various projects such as, acquisition of cardigan, boots, procurement of a new set of drums and trumpet, procurement of office supplies, and 6 sets of uniforms, recruitment of new members, distribution of essential items, and aiding the less privileged”. 


Admonishing the newly elected officers Nweke said “As we pass the baton to the incoming leaders, I urge you to embrace this responsibility with vigor and honor. You inherit not just a position but a tradition built on sacrifice, service, and resilience. Your dedication will shape the future of our beloved club, and the lives it touches, and inspire. I relinquish the leadership of this esteemed organization confident that our efforts will be carried forward by those who follow. Together, let us continue to march forward driven by the noble principles that define us”. 


In his acceptance speech the new Chief Coordinator 2023/2024 Regime, Patriot Iyanu Oluwaleye said “As I step into the role of Chief Coordinator, I am humbled by the weight of responsibility that accompanies this office. I stand here today, not just as an individual, but as a representative of our collective aspirations, dreams, and endeavors. To those who have put their trust in me and in our shared vision, I want to express my sincere appreciation. Your belief in my abilities to lead fills me with both humility and determination. I assure you that I will dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the betterment and advancement of this esteemed organization”. 


He pledged his commitment to the further growth of the organization saying “I am cognizant of the challenges that lie ahead, yet I am equally energized by the possibilities that await us. Together, as a unified force, we shall overcome obstacles and strive for excellence in every facet of our endeavors. I pledge to serve with unwavering dedication, integrity, and an open mind to innovative ideas that can propel us toward greater achievements. Your support, guidance, and constructive criticism will be the pillars upon which our success will be built. Together, we will reach new heights and set new standards of excellence”.