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Collaborating in Study Groups Played a Significant Role in Enhancing my Academic Experience

Oluwanifemi Favour Olajuyigbe, 33RD Convocation Best Graduating Student.

Oluwanifemi Favour Olajuyigbe, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, graduated as the overall best graduating student with a Cumulative Grade Point Average, CGPA 4.93 and had the honour of reading the valedictory address on behalf of Federal University of Technology Akure FUTA Class 2021 during the 33rd Convocation Ceremony on Friday November 17, 2023. Before then in September she won the 2023 edition of the Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN) best Graduating female student of Engineering in Nigeria Award.
In the interview below she talks about her background, motivation, experiences in FUTA and future plans.

Some background Information:
My name is Oluwanifemi Favour Olajuyigbe, a recent graduate from the Federal University of Technology Akure where I studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am the second of four children and proudly the daughter of Revd. Dr. Ebenezer and Prof. Folasade Olajuyigbe. I’m from Efon Alaaye in Ekiti State
What is your educational background?
Interestingly, I had my primary and secondary education across three continents - Africa, Europe, and North America. Beginning at Bishop Hughes Memorial Catholic Nursery and Primary School, Oke-Ijebu, Akure, I then spent a year at Umberto Saba Elementary School in Trieste, Italy for my third grade. After returning to Nigeria, I completed my primary education at Bishop Hughes Nursery and Primary School. For secondary education, I attended Hallmark Secondary School Ondo for junior school (JSS1 - JSS3), Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, United States of America for one year (9th grade), and returned to Nigeria to complete my senior school at FUTA Staff Secondary School, Akure (SSS1 - SSS3).

Were there any extraordinary things you did to achieve this feat of graduating the best in FUTA?
Extraordinary is kind of a big word. I’ll say I did ordinary things, but doing them diligently made it extra. Some of the things I did include: - Putting everything in God’s hands. Praying like I didn’t read and reading like I did not pray. - Attending lectures - Paying attention in lectures and taking notes- Reading all the necessary materials for the course. Having the best reading partners, keeping my focus at all times avoiding every form of distraction

What were your reading habits like?
I stayed in the hostel throughout my undergraduate years. Most times, I preferred reading in the hostel rather than attending night classes. One fun fact about me is that I liked reading on my bed instead of using a table and chair. Being more of a night reader, I could delve into my studies until 4 am when preparing for tests or exams. This was partly due to my lack of confidence in waking up early in the morning for study sessions. In addition to reading on my own, collaborating in study groups played a significant role in enhancing my academic experience.

Were you involved in any extracurricular activities?
Yes, I was really involved in my church (Chapel of Faith) and fellowship (Chapel Youth Fellowship) as a chorister, where I served as secretary and student representative. I was also a member of Dynamicity, a professional development platform that empowers university students with the tools, programs, and networks needed to make them competitive in the workforce. Furthermore, I engaged in some entrepreneurial activities.

What was your driving force?
My driving force was always striving to be the best wherever I find myself. Then my parents were a huge inspiration to me. Their sacrifices for me and their support always motivated me to put in my best in my studies.

What's next for you in life?
My future aspirations include continuous learning, professional growth, and making a positive impact in my field. More specifically, I plan to pursue a Master’s degree then transit into the industry.

What advice do you have for students who have plans to excel academically?
Strive for excellence wherever you find yourself, not in competition with others, but in becoming the best version of yourself. View every challenge as an opportunity for growth. Avoid comparisons and focus on what works best for you. Cultivate strong friendships - a key factor that guided me through FUTA. Above all, entrust everything to God's control. With God on your side, you will do exploits!