FUTA Overview

FUTA Undergraduates Take Gospel of Science Education to High Schools via Sciencoo

A group of undergraduates from the Federal University of Technology Akure FUTA has started a movement they hope will change the perception of secondary school students about science and technical subjects and education. The FUTA undergraduates under the aegis of SCIENCOON, founded by them, are visiting secondary schools in Akure Ondo State to stimulate the interests of students in science and technical subjects as well as education. 

The President of the Club Daniel Olaboyede talks about their latest outreach; "During the outreach we demonstrated a few experiments that aroused their excitement in science. We also spoke about the importance of formal education and styled the discourse with a hashtag (#School is not scam). We also had career symposium, as well as re-orientation of mentality. Schools visited are: CAC Grammar School, St. Peter Unity Secondary School, African Church Comprehensive High School, Oyemekun grammar school and St. Michael Catholic Secondary School." The club was founded on Monday 06 June, 2022. The name was coined from two ENGLISH words; SCIENCE and COCOON. Olaboyede explains further, "Science simply means to know and Cocoon on the other hand is a Case that encloses the eggs of insects/spiders; hence SCIENCOON refers to a World that contains different individuals (students) who are passionate about Science and are ready to provide solution to societal problems. Our motto is “exploring the world of Science”. On the First of February this year, we introduced SCIENCOON to the world as a science organization which is committed to promoting science education among Secondary and Tertiary institution students."  

The club is convinced that EDUCATION is not scam. According to Olaboyede, "True education will make you stand out, innovative and self-sufficient." Sciencoon also organizes events and carryout projects that foster learning. Webinars spanning topics such as Neuroscience, Astrobiology, scientific publishing etc. Sciencoon is a science club that gives students a place to express their scientific curiosity, develop their scientific knowledge, and pursue their interests by engaging in scientific activities. The officials of the Association includeOlaboyede S. Daniel, President ,Hassan Ifedayo, Vice President, Ayodeji Dauda, General Secretary, Tayo Olayinka Favour, Director of Membership, Alabi Timothy, Assistant Director of Membership ,Marvellous Ayomide Aro, Director of Media and Publicity ,Imaledo David, Director of Programmes and Events ,Anoro Emmanuel, Director of Projects and operation, Hassan Temitayo, Treasurer/Fin. Secretary, Ibeh Richmore, Director of Research and Administration.

Dr. O.O. Elekofehinti and Dr. B.M. Macaulay serve as Club Advisers